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Toa Hadrox
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This is a picture of Toa Hadrox

Group Toa
Occupation Toa
Element Fire/Electricity
Status alive
Location Bio Nui
Pronunciation HA-D-ROX
Toa Hadrox is the most powerful toa in the entire universe. He his immortal and was transformed into a god because pohatu accidentally killed him when he pushed him into a pool of protodermis. Then he was reborn and transformed, his maximum power is unknown. He also has the ability to transform into a super toa. Which is a state a toa can only acheive when he or she, has passed their normal limits and into lengend. He is almost invincible and the only person he fears is Makuta since his power is 5 times more then that of a super toa. He has defeated every single apponent he battled so far and is one of the U.B.A's ,(Ultimate Bionicle Army), most trusted generals. His most powerful attack is the Alpha Bolt. Which completly destroys anything it hits with a combined power of fire and a thunder bolt. He is also the most powerful toa on the island paradise of Bio Nui.
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